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We take great joy in helping good people find the job or career of their dreams. We have a vast network of employers that are looking to hire someone like you.  

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A key benefit of utilizing Dave Filhart as your own personal recruiter is that doing so allows you to expend energy and resources to your core competencies, while we sift through the weeds to find and deliver the golden goose to you!  

Trusting us with your recruiting needs will help you achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently, as we will find the best people for your company. We specialize in finding top talent for a variety of organizations. 

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To help you find that dream career, sometimes all it takes is a little tweak of the resume.  We have a great team ready to assist you in making the necessary revisions to highlight your talents. We will help you to stand out and shine like the star you are.

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Dave Filhart Recruiting is a boutique recruiting service that specializes in connecting the best talent with the best companies and organizations.  Because we are small, a personal touch is ensured when conducting business. Furthermore, our size allows us to move fast and be more effective than the competition. You are making a good move working with us.  Whether you are looking to hire, or looking for a job, click below and lets make that connection today!

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Resume Specialist / Copywriter

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What they are saying:

"In my experience with Dave, he has proven to be reliable, dependable, and professional. He asks open-ended questions to understand the objective and goal. He is able to analyze the situation to understand the need and develops a solution to meet that need. I highly recommend Dave, he is great to partner with."
Camille D.
Friend and Colleague, MBA, Finance Executive, avid Tennis Player
"Dave Filhart is great to work with. I have personally worked with and known Dave for over 26 years. He is very good at networking and recruiting the right people. He will find the puzzle piece behind the couch that makes the sky complete! He really knows people and how to match their strengths to the right situation. I know that Dave Filhart Recruiting will do an amazing job for your company! Success!"
“Building a recruiting network is about building relationships that are both authentic and generous. ...For those of us who want to harness the power of super-connectors, there is a simple formula: don’t ask for things, simply provide the value.
Dave Filhart provides the value! He indeed is someone who genuinely cares! David listens, he wants to help, and he brings the knowledge. David always focuses on making people around him stronger. And that absolutely makes him one of the best networkers / recruiters out there. “
Inga P.
Friend and Colleague, Neurology Associate

At Dave Filhart Recruiting, we take pride in finding the right talent to complete your team. If looking for work, we can help you find that awesome job.

Please contact us via the phone number below, or use the form, and we will be in touch ASAP.  We look forward to working with you!

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